Flying Tron Bikes and Bathroom Taps

So we started getting down to business this week, getting into our semantic water tap project. I’ve really enjoyed the sketching and am already seeing a pretty decent improvement I think.

Tomorrow we’re getting into the clay concept modelling which will be good fun. We spent a while last week just getting familiar with the clay, it’s called Kolb Grey Clay and is a softer, quicker alternative to automotive brown clay. It’s good for smaller scale objects and quick models, versus the more refined models the transport kids create with brown clay, which are better for assessing surfaces and making final models.

Here’s my very first sketches from the tap project:

2010-09-10 Umea - Sketching, Bikes, Saab in Workshop 011

2010-09-10 Umea - Sketching, Bikes, Saab in Workshop 012

And a couple of days later:

2010-09-10 Umea - Sketching, Bikes, Saab in Workshop 006

2010-09-10 Umea - Sketching, Bikes, Saab in Workshop 008

2010-09-10 Umea - Sketching, Bikes, Saab in Workshop 007

Really enjoying the sketching and there’s so much inspirational work happening around here. Can’t wait to look back in another few weeks and months.


Life Drawing

Today we had a student organised life drawing class, here’s 45mins of my first attempt ever. Think it came out ok except for the creepy dark faced girl, where I thought shading out my mistakes might help…


Things Get Serious: The Cardboard Machine “Race”

2010-09-03 Umea Icarus Bike 012

Me explaining the extremely methodical development of Icarus, our Tron bike with flapping wings…

2010-09-03 Umea Icarus from Erik 036

Unfortunately the handles weren’t strong enough to move the beast, as it turned out. Plan B in action.


2010-09-03 Umea Icarus from Erik 064

This was my favourite machine, the only one that really met the difficult brief. By alternately stepping on two different plates this thing actually walked forward, and pretty quickly if you were keen.


2010-09-03 Umea Icarus from Erik 094

Spot the Kiwi. Wearing the good old singlet and shorts (no one wears shorts), Anton’s from Massy University as well, but the Albany campus. He’s starting MA Transport, and a damn fine sketcher.

First photo by Jiawei Zhang from my class and the rest by Erik Rydell from MA Interaction 2.


A few other bits and bobs about what we’ve been up to:

2010-09-10 Umea - Sketching, Bikes, Saab in Workshop 003

Someone borrowed the new Saab from the dealership and parked it downstairs a couple of days ago. Rumors went through the building and half the school came down to give it a good critique. Personally I liked a lot of the details but it felt a bit slab sided and almost SUV-like from the bulky front. It seemed the transport guys liked it a lot and considered it well proportioned, whereas the product guys weren’t so convinced. The LED lighting that refracted along some plastic strips at the back was a favourite touch with everyone.


2010-09-06 Umea Football 028 cropped

A bit of casual footy to break up the day, snapped by my classmate Simon Fredriksson. We’ve also had an awesome night of beach volleyball on the lake that’s here. Luckily we’ve got a huge gym here (which is apparently the biggest in Western Europe!) so we can move there for beach volleyball once the snow starts.


2010-09-02 Umea Lake 002

We had a leaving barbeque for someone heading off on internship, this was the spot for it! Amazing.

2010-09-01 Umea Lake BBQ from Eric 033

2010-09-01 Umea Lake BBQ from Eric 107

Was a good night and cool to meet the second year and BA students. These last two pics were again snapped by Erik Rydell.


So this week we start on the clay tap models, and also have our workshop course and the university sports day. Should be good and busy.

Also if you thought Theo Jansen’s work from my last post was interesting, I stumbled across this TED Talks video of him which is seriously 100x more amazing:

Cheers for reading.